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The Capstone Platform: The Alternative Investment Solution for the RIA Channel

Capstone Capital Consulting delivers a complete platform that includes access to our custom tailored suite of Senior Life Settlement solutions, marketing, and full-service consultation. We give advisors all of the tools and support they need to focus their valuable time on building relationships...not managing a business. How do we do this? By combining advanced technology with an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge. With Capstone Capital Consulting, your firm will have a complete sales, marketing, service and administration platform.

Senior Life Settlements use the inherent characteristics of a life insurance contract as an investment vehicle to mitigate the risks associated with market volatility and potential principal loss that accompanies a fear-based trade.  The typical strategies that risk-averse investors have traditionally deployed to address their fear of principal loss, like Treasury Bonds and Annuities, although safe, cannot produce adequate yield in the current protracted low interest rate environment to ameliorate the fear of outliving your money.  Senior Life Settlements are a solution to address both risk and reward. 

The Senior Life Settlement market is also growing. Increasingly, many State Insurance Commissions are mandating to life insurance companies that they are now obligated to inform an insured in peril of a policy lapse or considering a surrender offer that they could enjoy a better financial outcome by selling their policy in the Senior Life Settlement market. That serves as proof that a settlement is good for consumers. That is where the important work begins.